Guidelines and Brand Asset Library


It’s kind of a big deal.

This new kid on the block has actually been in the game forever. With a lifetime of vast experience in high-end storytelling, JumboMedia takes everything it touches and makes it huge. The new identity reflects this in an established, yet fresh mark with a subtle tip of the hat to your field of expertise. An expanded palette adds fun and flexibility, allowing us to play Jumbo both up and down, easily going from corporate to challenger.

01 Logos

Jumbo Media logos and icons for digital (RGB) and print (CMYK) purposes can be found here. Please remember it’s ideal to lead with full color logos, but in instances where contrast is limited designs should use a reversed or one color option.



The masculine deep blue and bright orange of the primary mark are complemented by a warm array of hues used in our alternate mark and pattern. These colors allow for flexibility and pop when applied to the primary icon, which help offset the elegant simplicity of the design.

Please refer to the following color builds for standards when creating assets for your brand. For print use CMYK and for digital and web applications use RGB or Hex. As a general rule one color or pattern won’t lead over another, but be aware of balance and context when choosing color for designs.

Color 1

CMYK: 100, 81, 33, 20
RGB: 0, 61, 107
Hex: #153E6A

Color 2

CMYK: 0, 80, 96, 0
RGB: 241, 90, 39
Hex: #F15A27

Color 3

CMYK: 0, 92, 98, 0
RGB: 237, 56, 38
Hex: #EF3B25

Color 4

CMYK: 17, 61, 100, 4
RGB: 202, 117, 40
Hex: #CA7528

Color 5

CMYK: 11, 51, 100, 1
RGB: 220, 139, 38
Hex: #DC8B26

Color 6

CMYK: 12, 43, 100, 0
RGB: 224, 154, 39
Hex: #E09A27

Color 7

CMYK: 14, 27, 100, 0
RGB: 223, 181, 37
Hex: #DFB525


While we always strive for color accuracy, there are many factors at play when viewing color on screen or on physical objects, like paper, signage and products. The “same” color will never look the same across different substrates—and even different monitors, screens and textures of paper reflect color slightly differently.

Therefore, please expect a certain amount of variation between print (chemicals on paper), web (light) and physical products (plastic/cloth/dyes, etc).

When color accuracy is paramount, we recommend printing using the Pantone Matching System (PMS). W/S will provide Pantone swatches upon request, which we recommend you approve before having anything printed.

We highly recommend you have your printer match colors to your satisfaction before moving forward on any print jobs.


Keeping it simple, two weights of Gilroy lend a tone of both digital savvy and approachability.


Please refer to the following examples general guide for brand look and feel. Remember when designing Jumbo Media assets to be mindful of legibility and balance. It’s important to establish an informational hierarchy to clearly communicate our messaging and tone.

Click on any of the images below to view a larger, uncropped version.

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